Instructions for dealing with the corona virus

Dear parents,

Your children's teachers have given many work materials home.

If you have any questions, you can contact the teachers via email.

You can find the addresses under - Hausarbeiten - Klassenstufen.

In addition, opportunities are shown to inform and practice on the Internet.

Despite the important strong call for education with the computer - the children should not only sit in front of the PC, the television or the game console!

This extraordinary crisis will have an impact on family life.

Please also use:

- read stories to each other

- common handicrafts

- common play options (card games, board games, chess, ...)

- To dance

- sing songs together

- Movement options for at home

- Talks, discussions with your children

- ......

Despite the circumstances, we hope you enjoy your children.

Sincerely, and

Stay healthy

The school administration of the Friedensschule